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Analysis on the development direction of single screw granulator

Analysis of the development of single-screw granulator back to the granulator market Fish fish market continues to expand and technological breakthroughs, in general, can maintain a small increase in the momentum, but due to the domestic granulator shoddy and price war and serious impact To the domestic plastic machinery eh overall image and market competition, leading to the domestic granulator market prices fell sharply, and hindered the development of plastic recycling processing industry.


Plastic recycling machinery for the plastics industry to provide technical equipment, can be said that the pillar industry of the plastics industry, the current situation, the plastic machinery varieties mainly by the injection molding machine, plastic granulator, blow molding machine composed of three categories of products. These three categories of products accounted for more than 80% of the total output value of plastic machinery, has been in the market are favored products. Granulation machines and production lines in the future market will be high technical content, the direction of price reduction. Domestic host is now basically twin-screw granulator and single-screw granulator-based, more mature technology, market sales are also large, but the general specifications of such products have been oversupply, can only maintain the market peak of 50% ~ 60% or so. The future development of the main focus of the host is parallel to the parallel twin-screw granulator, suitable for large extrusion molding extrusion. Parallel to the same twin-screw granulator to the sixth generation, the seventh generation of high-speed, large aspect ratio direction. Single-screw granulator is the development direction of large diameter, large diameter ratio, exhaust smoothly. In fact, the single-screw granulator is a low-power, low-cost model, as long as the technology properly, it is basically able to achieve the effectiveness of twin-screw granulator, such as the United States now use the plastic pelliziter is mostly Single screw, due to the high technological content, replaced the twin screw granulator.

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