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BOPP Film Granulation Line


BOPP Film Granulation Line Applicable Materials:
PP, PE, ABS, HIPS film, bags, yarn, sheet(thickness≤0.5mm), strip, and other injection, extrusion left over waste. And HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PS, PC, PMMA, TPU, EVA and other waste plastic material.


BOPP Film Granulation Machine Advantages:
1. BOPP Film granulation machine extended service life.
The screw is made of wear resistance materials ensuring the longevity of product life.
2.High value product Finished plastic pellets must be of uniform size.
The pellets with high quality are more favorable for reusing in all kinds of extruders and injectors.
3. Efficiency Improvement Two positions hydraulic screen changers keep the machine operating nonstop even when replacing the filter screen.
It greatly increases overall throughput and minimizes the chance of waste.


BOPP film plastic granulator equipment  after granulation of small particles.

A lot of manufactures view BOPP film as waste such as waste treatment, or to do the old procee-stand pelletsing, but the weakness of stan-procees of BOPP film, and the length of granules are different which can make serious impact to the next process. Due to that, our company adopted the well liquidity of this materials, and the characteristic that is not easy to cut, we specially design the BOPP watering cutting head equipment to solve the above difficulties. The feedback from our BOPP film granulation line users, they can recover the investment in one year.


BOPP Film Granulation Recycling Line Video

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