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Environmental Waste Plastics Granulator for Revitating Waste Plastics

People in the industry know that plastic pelletizer can develop renewable resources vigorously, so that plastics can turn waste into treasure. The energy conservation of environmental protection waste plastics granulator can be divided into two parts: one is the power part, the other is the heating part.
After the plastic is added to the hopper, the hopper falls smoothly on the screw, and is bitten by the screw thread. As the screw is rotated, the thread is forced to the head of the machine, forming a mechanical transport process. When the plastic feeding port runs to the head of the machine, because the thread depth of the screw is gradually reduced and the resistance of the filter net, the splitter plate and the head of the machine is present, the high pressure is formed during the plasticizing process, the material is pressed so tightly that the conduction heat is improved and the plastic will melt quickly. At the same time, the gradual increase of pressure causes the original gas to be discharged from the vent.


As the pressure rises, plastic is heated externally on the one hand. On the other hand, in the process of compression, shearing and mixing, the plastic also produces a lot of heat due to internal friction. Under the combined action of external force and internal force, the plastic temperature rises gradually, and its physical state has also experienced changes in the glass state and the viscous flow state.
This is how waste plastics are replaced in plastic granules.

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