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EPS Granulator Machine


EPS Granulator Machine Description:

Lianguan Recycling Machinery is specialized in providing you with EPS Granulator Machine which is mainly used to color mixture granulating for old and new PP,PE,EPS and all kinds plastics of recycling granulating and engineering plastic.

eps-granulator-machine-2   eps-granulator-machine-1

EPS Granulator Machine adopt the fast compact,fast melting,extruding with filter. The Whole EPS Granulating Line design to recycling the material into the granules.

EPS Granulator Equipment Features:

1. Screw components designed by computer aids is kneading type, has excellent self-cleaning function, the new kneading block design effectively avoid the problems of overheating and energy consumption.
2.This EPS Granulator Machine is different from waste plastic machine, such as PP, PE, ABS. especially resolved the problem of high-density polyethylene granulation broken bars.
3. According to process system and formula requirements, the unit can optimize its L/D ratio, barrel structure, screw array, venting number and location, feeding method, electrical control methods etc. For rational allocation.
4.It is matched with plastic crusher and granular cutting machine. While the waste plastic materials through crushing and washing, could be put into extruder without drying. But the die head of machine could be electric screen changer or hydraulic screen changer.
5.Simple process, advanced technology, automatic temperature control, national energy-saving patented heater, low power consumption, non-pollution, high degree of automation.

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