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PE Film Granulator
  • PE-film-granulating-equipment
    PE Film Granulating Equipment

    PE Film Granulating Equipment Description: This PE film granulating equipment which is suitable for many kinds waste plastic materials recycling and making pellet, such as PE/PP/HDPE Film,bags,clean woven/nonwoven bag materials, etc. T……

  • PE Film Washing and Recycling Granulating Line

    PE Film washing and recycling granulating line Description: PE Film washing and recycling granulating line adjusts foreign technology and mix with Lianguan Recycling Machinery own design, granulating lines are very popular now. The w……

  • PE-film-granulating-machine
    PE Film Granulating Machine

    PE Film Granulating Machine Description: PE Film Granulating Machine host is an extruder. PE Film Granulating machine which consists of extrusion system, drive system and heating and cooling system. Plastic Granulator is suitable for……

  • pe-film-granulating-line
    PE Film Granulating Line

      PE Film Granulating Line Description: PE film granulating machine is mainly used for PE, PP, PET compounding, filling, reinforcing, granulating and modification of plastic granules. The granules made by strand granulating lin……

  • PE-film-compacting-water-ring-cutting-granulator
    PE Film Compacting Water-ring Cutting Granulator

    PE Film Compacting Water-ring Cutting Granulator Description: According to characteristics of film, which has big volume, different thickness and is not easy to feed etc, in order to saving energy and improving the degree of automati……