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Granulator F&Q
  • How Does Plastic Granulator Work

    The main engine of Yongzhi Plastic Granulator is extruder, which consists of extrusion system, transmission system and heating cooling system. We will energetically develop renewable resources and turn them into treasures. The extrusion ……

  • A New Generation of Environmentally Friendly Plastic Granulator More Energy Efficient

    In order to "clean" the waste of the earth, waste plastic granulator and other machinery in this area to do a lot of power to reduce the earth's waste together in the operation of the disguised also to our livelihood environment increased……

  • How does waste film handle?

    How does waste film handle? Film is a common product of agricultural production and industrial production. It is common in the production process to discard discarded thin film, which not only affects the environment, but also pollutes th……

  • plastic granulator
    Two Advantages of Plastic Recycling Granulator

    1, soft plastic, hard plastic can be recycled, which fundamentally solve a lot of plastic recycling manufacturers a major problem, the current industry, soft plastic and hard plastic recycling must use two production lines, which not only……