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  • Our Company Chinaplas Booth No.6F51(FILM GRANULATOR MACHINE)

    Under the COVID-19, we are very grateful that CHINAPLAS together with 3,600+ exhibitors will be marching on a large scale of 350,000sqm of exhibition area, and it is the first of its kinds being held after pandemic, and the only internati……

  • Does the Recycling of PET Plastic Bottle need to “Screw the Cap and Tear the Label”?

    Does the Recycling of PET Plastic Bottle need to "Screw the Cap and Tear the Label"? Every day, people come into contact with bottles of coke and soy sauce. The raw material of plastic bottle is pet (polyethylene terephthalate), so it i……

  • CHINAPLAS 2019
    “CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition” Opens magnificently

    "CHINAPLAS 2019 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition" Opens magnificently Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. Jiangsu Yongzhi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. work together to create plastic recyc……

  • Plastic Granulators
    How to Maintain the Plastic Granulator?

    The plastic granulator is subjected to various dynamic loads from the day it is put into production. Due to wear, corrosion, unreasonable operation and poor maintenance, the working performance and efficiency of the parts will decrease af……

  • How to Choose Suitable Plastic Granulators?

    Yongzhi Recycling Machinery is Manufacturer and Suppliers in China,and specialized in providing you with plastic granulator,plastic pelletizer. How to choose suitable plastic granulators? 1. According to the user's own actual situation ……

  • Plastic Granulators
    What Kinds of Plastic Granulators are Needed in the Future?

    At present,the global plastic chemical raw materials market prices continue to rise, but market demand is still strong. At the same time, with the increasingly severe white pollution prevention and control situation, the market prospects……

  • plastic-granulator
    The Green Road of Plastic Granulator

    Nowadays, in the era of energy saving and environmental protection, the call for recycling of waste plastics is increasing, and the demand for plastic granulator is also increasing. Due to the rapid development of the global petrochemical……

  • Plastic Granulating Line Maintenance Work is Very Important

    Some enterprises manufacturers of plastic granulating line does not pay attention to the maintenance and operation of workers before the training,resulting in the operation of the equipment in the process of some large and small problems ……

  • plastic-granulator
    Energy Saving Modification of Plastic Granulator Machine

    Plastic granulator machine energy-saving can be divided into two parts: one is the power part,and the other one is the heating part. Power part of the plastic granulator machine energy-saving: Most of the inverter, energy-saving way is t……

  • double-stage-pe-pp-flake-strand-granulation-line
    A New Type of Recycled Plastic Granulator: “Golden Phoenix” in Plastic Woven Bags.

    With the progress of science and technology and the developed machinery industry, the new type of waste woven bag regenerative granulator has the characteristics of automation, fine quality, high quality, high yield, energy saving, enviro……