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  • plastic-granulator-factory
    How to Choose A High Quality Plastic Granulator Factory Manufacturer?

    With the continuous attention of the state to the circular economy, the plastic recycling industry can be said that the 21st century sunrise industry. Now, more and more plastic granulator factory manufacturers. But for those who have jus……

  • Energy Saving and Prevention Control of Plastic Granulator

    In the face of severe energy and environmental challenges, China has recently developed a long-term energy and technology development strategy and development plan by 2020 with the guidance of a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable ……

  • Plastic Granulator Inverter Extruder

    Plastic granulator Inverter Extrusion machine According to the direction of the head flow and the angle of the screw center line, the machine head is divided into bevel head (angle 120o) and right angle head. The head of the nose is fixed……

  • The Cooling Method of Granulator

    Simple plastic granulator/PE PP pelleziter cooling method introduction Mainly air-cooled and water-cooled. Air-cooled. Natural cooling. Forced cooling. Water-cooled. Natural cooling more common small single-cylinder diesel engine, fan ……

  • Market Analysis: Recent Progress in PE Plastic Granulator

    With the advancement of the catalyst technology, there has been a technique for producing spherical PE resins directly from the polymerization vessel without further granulation. Direct production without granulation resin, not only can s……

  • Development Prospect of Waste Foam Granulator

    From the current market situation, the development prospects of waste foam granulator is still a bright, the market trend is excellent, China's plastic products production, consumption ranks first in the world, per capita consumption of p……

  • plastic granulator
    “Plastic rice” to acid plastic granulator production of plastic particles

    These two days, a 1 minute 31 seconds and the "making rice" as the title of the video, in the social network heat transfer. Content is in a workshop, the operator of the white plastic bag into a large machine funnel, and then through the ……

  • plastic granulator
    The features of Agglomerator

    The agglomerator is used to granulate the thermal plastic films, PET fibres, whose thickness is less than 2mm into small granules & pellets directly. The soft PVC, LDPE, HDPE, PS, PP, foam PS, PET fibres and other thermoplastics are s……

  • plastic granulator
    ChinaReplas 2017

    China International Plastics Recycling Exhibition (ChinaReplas for short) is an unmissable annual plastics recycling industry event sponsored by China Synthetic Resin Supply and Sales Association Recycling Plastics Branch (CSRA) and “Stor……

  • plastic granulator
    The control system of plastic granulator

    The control system of plastic granulator includes heating system, cooling system and process parameter measurement system, mainly composed of electrical appliances, instruments and actuators (ie control panel and console). Its main role i……