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  • plastic-granulator
    The Green Road of Plastic Granulator

    Nowadays, in the era of energy saving and environmental protection, the call for recycling of waste plastics is increasing, and the demand for plastic granulator is also increasing. Due to the rapid development of the global petrochemical……

  • Plastic Granulating Line Maintenance Work is Very Important

    Some enterprises manufacturers of plastic granulating line does not pay attention to the maintenance and operation of workers before the training,resulting in the operation of the equipment in the process of some large and small problems ……

  • plastic-granulator
    Energy Saving Modification of Plastic Granulator Machine

    Plastic granulator machine energy-saving can be divided into two parts: one is the power part,and the other one is the heating part. Power part of the plastic granulator machine energy-saving: Most of the inverter, energy-saving way is t……

  • double-stage-pe-pp-flake-strand-granulation-line
    A New Type of Recycled Plastic Granulator: “Golden Phoenix” in Plastic Woven Bags.

    With the progress of science and technology and the developed machinery industry, the new type of waste woven bag regenerative granulator has the characteristics of automation, fine quality, high quality, high yield, energy saving, enviro……

  • plastic-granulator
    Environmental Waste Plastics Granulator for Revitating Waste Plastics

    People in the industry know that plastic pelletizer can develop renewable resources vigorously, so that plastics can turn waste into treasure. The energy conservation of environmental protection waste plastics granulator can be divided in……

  • three-stage-pe-pp-water-ring-pelletizing-line-compacting
    Why the Domestic Recycled Plastic Granulator Market is Favored

    As far as the current situation of reclaimed plastics granulator industry in China is concerned, recycled plastic pelletizer has great room for development in our country. In recent years, with the development of economy and the rising pr……

  • Analysis and Treatment of Common Malfunction of Granulator

    In this paper, based on the theoretical knowledge of the production process of plastic granulation and the management experience of more than ten years of actual production operation, this paper analyzes and judges the common causes of th……

  • plastic-granulator
    The Selection of Waste Plastic Granulation Line

    Waste plastics are usually made of single screw extruder or twin screw extruder. We put the pieces of plastics into the extruder, and then we granulate them by plasticizing, filtering, mixing, exhausting. The granulator is made up of ext……

  • pp-film-granulating-equipment
    Analysis of the Current Situation of Plastic Granulator Technology Development

    The plastic granulator involves a wide range of national economy. It is not only an essential part of the production of a large number of industrial and agricultural products. The plastic granulator is also a large energy consumer in Chin……

  • LIANGUAN RECYCLING Company will Participate in 2018 CHINAPLAS

    LIANGUAN RECYCLING Company will participate in 2018 CHINAPLAS at Shanghai national convention and exhibition center from April 24 to 27, 2018. At that time, we sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to negotiate busine……