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  • LIANGUAN RECYCLING Company will Participate in 2018 CHINAPLAS

    LIANGUAN RECYCLING Company will participate in 2018 CHINAPLAS at Shanghai national convention and exhibition center from April 24 to 27, 2018. At that time, we sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to negotiate busine……

  • Energy Saving of Plastic Pelletizing Machine

    Energy saving of plastic pelletizing machine can be divided into two parts: one is power part, another is heat. Energy-saving power parts mostly adopts frequency converter by saving more energy of motor. For example, the real power of th……

  • pp-film-granulating-equipment
    Why is the Domestic Recycled Plastic Granulator Market So Popular?

    As far as the situation of Chinese current recycled plastic granulator industry is concerned, recycled plastic granulators have a huge space for development in China. In recent years, with the development of economy, the price of chemical……

  • Plastic Pelletizer Brings Great Changes

    Plastic pelletizing machines bring a different color to our life. Plastic granulation design and production concept of major changes once again, a full set of three-dimensional, systematic service program introduced to the machinery maker……

  • plastic-granulator-factory
    How to Choose A High Quality Plastic Granulator Factory Manufacturer?

    With the continuous attention of the state to the circular economy, the plastic recycling industry can be said that the 21st century sunrise industry. Now, more and more plastic granulator factory manufacturers. But for those who have jus……

  • How Does Plastic Granulator Work

    The main engine of Lianguan Plastic Granulator is extruder, which consists of extrusion system, transmission system and heating cooling system. We will energetically develop renewable resources and turn them into treasures. The extrusion……

  • PET-Granulation-Line
    Introduction to PET Granulation Line

    Introduction to PET Granulation Line: Parallel twin-screw extruder for PET granulation line adopts modular principle design, its aspect ratio、barrel structure、mesh changing、granulation form and automatic control mode are flexibly se……

  • Energy Saving and Prevention Control of Plastic Granulator

    In the face of severe energy and environmental challenges, China has recently developed a long-term energy and technology development strategy and development plan by 2020 with the guidance of a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable ……

  • A New Generation of Environmentally Friendly Plastic Granulator More Energy Efficient

    In order to "clean" the waste of the earth, waste plastic granulator and other machinery in this area to do a lot of power to reduce the earth's waste together in the operation of the disguised also to our livelihood environment increased……

  • Plastic Granulator Inverter Extruder

    Plastic granulator Inverter Extrusion machine According to the direction of the head flow and the angle of the screw center line, the machine head is divided into bevel head (angle 120o) and right angle head. The head of the nose is fixed……