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Introduction to PET Granulation Line

Introduction to PET Granulation Line:

Parallel twin-screw extruder for PET granulation line adopts modular principle design, its aspect ratio、barrel structure、mesh changing、granulation form and automatic control mode are flexibly selected according to your request.


PET Granulation Line Features :
1,PET granulation line adopt latest advanced technology , design with simple structure and easy to operate,high production capacity, economy energy consumption, reliable performance.
2,The material component of each machine on our products with high quality ,ensures whole granulating line with long service life time.
3, Yongzhi screw barrel is specially designed according to your case, so we ensure the machine is working all right with your materail.
4,Yongzhi screen changer is non stop type, you do not need to stop.
5,Suitable for PP,PE,PET etc. With a low rotating speed, low noise, good look final product.

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