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How to Maintain the Plastic Granulator?

The plastic granulator is subjected to various dynamic loads from the day it is put into production. Due to wear, corrosion, unreasonable operation and poor maintenance, the working performance and efficiency of the parts will decrease after working for a period of time. The purpose of maintaining the plastic granulator is to extend the working life and ensure that the plastic granulator can work under normal conditions.

Plastic Granulators

Maintenance is divided into daily maintenance and regular maintenance.
1. Daily Maintenance: Daily maintenance is regular, the maintenance of the operators of each production shift, such as: inspection of equipment during the shift, lubrication, scrubbing equipment oil, tightening loose nuts.
2. Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance of plastic granulator machine, under normal circumstances is once a year. Usually it is a few days before the holiday date. This work is coordinated by the maintenance worker and the operator, and the equipment technicians participate in the maintenance work of the equipment.

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