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A New Generation of Environmentally Friendly Plastic Granulator More Energy Efficient

In order to “clean” the waste of the earth, waste plastic granulator and other machinery in this area to do a lot of power to reduce the earth’s waste together in the operation of the disguised also to our livelihood environment increased a lot of pollution, Plastic pellet machine energy consumption is very large, the power used alone can account for 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, therefore, the plastic particle machine skills need to be further improved.

Plastic granulator on the environment pollution is also very serious. In the most widely used various types of plastic granulator equipment, more than three quarters of the hot air plastic particle machine, such equipment on the environment pollution is very large, on the plastic granulator system coal furnace transformation has become Urgent issues to be solved. The power of the new generation of plastic granulator process power and control of environmental pollution is complement each other. Following the chronological pace, especially in the energy-saving emission reduction, down pollution has greatly improved, the crown launched a new generation of environmentally friendly plastic particles machine, more energy saving, water and atmospheric pollution has obvious control, its production skills Has now reached the national advanced level.

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