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A New Type of Recycled Plastic Granulator: “Golden Phoenix” in Plastic Woven Bags.

With the progress of science and technology and the developed machinery industry, the new type of waste woven bag regenerative granulator has the characteristics of automation, fine quality, high quality, high yield, energy saving, environmental protection, one machine multi use and dry wet material, and can meet the high requirement of continuous work under high temperature and high pressure.

The particle produced by the new regenerative plastic granulator can maximize its use value. For example, the waste cement woven bag made of recycled particles can be used directly as wire drawing and then woven into a bag. The regenerated particles from the waste farmland film and the convenient bag can be blown into a folding film by blowing a film machine for a bag making machine. Then the convenience bag is made, and the waste plastic bucket and household appliance shell can be directly supplied after granulation.

The waste bag regenerative granulator has gone through several typical stages of original processing, traditional machinery and new equipment.

The original recycling of waste plastics is a simple means of using a fire cooker to boil down, in order to reduce the unit volume of the waste plastic and make a rough lump regenerated blank. Because no classification, cleaning and filtration, greatly reducing its utilization value. The recycled material can only make some simple and low grade recycled products, such as cement ash bucket, dung bucket, packing box floor, etc. To a certain extent, a lot of renewable resources are wasted.

The traditional waste woven bag regenerative granulator basically has the processing function of simple plastic extrusion, but this kind of equipment is mostly non standard machine, the material is common, the screw design and the structure are simple, the length and diameter ratio is small, the dehydration and exhaust function is poor, and the precise automatic temperature control can not be realized; the coal or gas is still heated to produce a large number of two times of pollution. A traditional regenerative machine can only adapt to processing a single material, and can not make use of one machine with multiple functions. Moreover, the particles produced are of poor chromatism, making the recycling value of waste plastics not fully reflected.

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