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PE Film Granulating Equipment


PE Film Granulating Equipment Description:
This PE film granulating equipment which is suitable for many kinds waste plastic materials recycling and making pellet, such as PE/PP/HDPE Film,bags,clean woven/nonwoven bag materials, etc. The film can be pressed in compressor and then be pelleted. And PE film granulating equipment also has very developed design, makes sure this PE film granulating equipment has a long working life and economical efficiency in using.You can choose use single stage or double stage granulating machine according to how clean of you material; Also you can choose the cooling cutting system or die-face hot cutting system.


PE Film Granulating Equipment Raw Material

pe-film-granulating-equipment-2  pe-film-granulating-equipment-3

PE Film Granulating Equipment Final Pellets

PE Film Granulating Equipment host is an extruder. PE Film Granulating Equipment which consists of extrusion system, drive system and heating and cooling system. Plastic Granulator is suitable for PVC, PP and PE granulating. PE film granulating equipment features in advanced technology, widely used, uniformed pellets, high production capacity etc. Lianguan Recycling Machinery is high quality professional manufacturer in China. Lianguan Recycling company is specialized in providing you with PE film granulating equipment. The quality of the granulator is reliable and the performance is stable.

PE Film Granulating Equipment Features:
1. The main motor, plastic granulator machine and tractor operators using variable frequency control system, easy to adjust, reliable to run, stable, low energy consumption.
2. The screw of extruder with special design, better effective plasticization of raw materials, stable production.
3. PE Film Granulating Equipments have high efficient, easy in installation and maintain.
4. Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts,electric parts and operation parts.
5. Running in of high automatization and intellectualization, no pollution.
6. The conical screw extruder system has applied special computer control. According to customers requirements, most reasonable structure of conical screw can be made so as to achieve best plasticity performance and material quality.
7. Our plastic granulator use good quality screw in plastic machinery.Our plastic granulating machine have long-life.
8. Support with professional technical persons and one year warranty.

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