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PE Granulating Production Line


PE Film Granulating Production Line Description:

PE Film Granulating Production Line is mainly used for PE, PP, ABS, PC, PS compounding, filling, reinforcing, granulating and modification of plastic granules. The granules made by strand granulating line is uniformity and compact. The downstream has air transferring unit, vibrating and separating system, or underwater strip-drawing and cutting system. PE Film Granulating Production Line features with high efficiency and high automatization.

PE-granulating-production-line-1  PE-granulating-production-line-2

PE Film Granulating Production Line Raw Material

PE-granulating-production-line-3  PE-granulating-production-line-4

PE Film Granulating Production Line Final Pellets

Lianguan Recycling Machinery is high quality Chinese Manufacturer and supplier. Lianguan Recycling Machinery is specialized in providing you with PE film granulating production line. The quality of the granulator is reliable and the performance is stable. For a variety of detailed plot, welcome to our company to consult our granulator machines.

PE Film Granulating Production Line Features:
1. PE Film Granulating Production Line has beautiful appearance, compact structure, save space;
2. The world first-class DC or frequency conversion control system and segmentation fault alarm, facilitate testing maintenance;
3. The high performance of the deceleration torque distribution system, ensure the plastic granulator running reliable peace;
4. Flexible air cooled/oil cold system reduces the operation cost;
5. Optimization design, elaborate screw, barrel have extremely good plasitcization effect;
6. In order to ensure the quality of the melt, under the precondition of the ability to get out to maximize reflect.


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