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  • eps-pelletizer-machine
    EPS Pelletizer Machine

    EPS Pelletizer Machine Description: EPS Pelletizer Machine adopt the fast compact,fast melting,extruding with filter. The Whole EPS Pelletizing Line design to recycling the material into the granules. Lianguan Recycling Machinery is ……

  • abs-pelletizer-machine
    ABS Pelletizer Machine

    ABS Pelletizer Machine Description: ABS Pelletizer Machine is advanced designed and manufactured with the latest processing machines and the most skillful workers.  Lianguan Recycling Machinery is specialized in providing you with plas……

  • pvc-pelletizing-machine
    PVC Pelletizing Machine

    PVC Pelletizing Machine Description: This PVC Pelletizing Machine is mainly to produce PVC granules, from waste pvc materials or others. With different designs of screw,this PVC Pelletizing Machine can be applied to granulate the recy……

  • PE Film Pelletizing Line

      PE Film Pelletizing Line Description: PE film pelletizing machine is mainly used for PE, PP, PC compounding, filling, reinforcing, pelletizing and modification of plastic granules. The pellets made by strand pelletizing line ……

  • pp-strand-pelletizing-line
    PP Strand Pelletizing Line

    PP Strand Pelletizing Line Feature: 1. Freely assembling the screw component, according to the raw materials. 2. Using the suitable die head to pelletizing, such as strand cutting, water-ring cutting, under-water cutting and hot face ……

  • pe-film-pelletizing-production-line
    PE Film Pelletizing Production Line

    PE Film Pelletizing Production Line Description: PE Film Pelletizing Production Line is mainly used for PE, PP, ABS, PC, PS compounding, filling, reinforcing, granulating and modification of plastic granules. The pellets made by stra……

  • PE Film Pelletizing Machine

    PE Film Pelletizing Machine Description: PE Film Pelletizing Machine host is an extruder. PE Film Pelletizing machine which consists of extrusion system, drive system and heating and cooling system. Plastic Pelletizer is suitable for……

  • pp-granulating-line
    PP Granulating Line

    PP Granulating Line Introduction: PP Granulating Line is mainly used for PP, PE compounding, filling, reinforcing, granulating and modification of plastic granules. The granules made by strand granulating line is uniformity and compa……

  • pe-film-pelletizing-equipment
    PE Film Pelletizing Equipment

    PE Film Pelletizing Equipment Description: This PE film pelletizing equipment which is suitable for many kinds waste plastic materials recycling and making pellet, such as PE/PP/HDPE Film,bags,clean woven/nonwoven bag materials, etc. T……

  • pet-bottle-pelletizing-machine
    PET Bottle Pelletizing Machine

    PET Bottle Pelletizing Machine Introduction: Lianguan Recycling Machinery provides PET Bottle Pelletizing Machine especially features in low power consumption, high capacity and easy-operation, and allows customers to produce high qual……