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PET Bottle Pelletizer Machine


PET Bottle Pelletizer Machine Description:
PET bottle Pelletizer machine has excellent mixing performence, good self-cleaning performance and flexible modular configuration characteristics which make them suitable for processing different types of materials. This kind of PET bottle pelletizer machine has adapter the character of film adequately and has made a pertinent scheme. Easy Operation and Maintenance,Low Energy Consumption.
This plastic pelletizer machine is mainly used for recycling and granulating of PET materials, such as PET bottles with good performance, high output, less power consumption cost per kilogram, and easy operation. PET bottle pelletizer line can reduce less loss of the viscosity of the raw material.


Lianguan Recycling Machinery is professional manufacturer for plastic machinery. Lianguan Recycling Machinery will offer all kinds of PET pelletizer machine. The PET bottle pelletizer machine is used to granulator the scraps to granules.


PET Bottle Pelletizer Machine PET Flakes


PET Bottle Pelletizer Machine Final Pellets

PET Bottle Pelletizer Machine Advantages:
1.Increasing the operation variables and realizing the process because of two-stage machine.
2.High effective and production capacity.
3.PET Bottle Pelletizer Machine is suitable for PET bottles. With a low rotating speed, low noise, good look final product.
4.Anti-wear blades, made of high quality tool steel.
5.Screw components designed by computer aids is kneading type, has excellent self-cleaning function, the new kneading block design effectively avoid the problems of overheating and energy consumption.
6.PET Bottle Pelletizer Machine is suitable for regeneration and granulation of PET bottles. Its equipped with quick motor-operated filter-screen-replacing unit and automatic temperature control.
7.The granulating crusher uses adjustable speed motor, granulating with and extruding machine at the same discharging speed synchronistically. PET bottle pelletizer machine is easy to operate, with a high output, steady performance and favorable economic benefit.

PET Bottle Pelletizer Machine Technical parameters:

Model Barrel bore size(mm) Aspect ration Motor power(kw) Screw speed(rpm) Maximum torque(N.m) Capacity(kg/h)
LGPS-35 35 28-52 18.5-37 300-600 2*240 30-120
LGPS-40 40.4 28-56 22-45 300-600 2*280 80-200
LGPS-50 50.4 28-56 37-55 300-600 2*1100 100-400
LGPS-60 60.4 28-56 45-75 300-600 2*1460 200-500
LGPS-65A 63 28-56 55-90 300-600 2*1600 250-600
LGPS-75 73 28-56 90-160 300-600 2*2500 500-1000
LGPS-95 93 32-48 280-400 300-600 2*4600 1200-1800
LGPS-120 120 32-48 400-550 300-500 2*7640 1500-2500
LGPS-133 133 32-48 400-800 300-500 2*10600 1800-3500
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