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PET Recycling Pelletizing Line


PET Recycling Pelletizing Line Description:

PET Recycling Pelletizing Line is mainly used for recycling and pelletizing of PET materials, such as PET bottles.

Lianguan Recycling Machinery is professional manufacturer for plastic machinery. Lianguan Recycling Machinery will offer all kinds of PET recycling pelletizing line. The PET recycling pelletizing line is used to pelletize the scraps to granules.

Parallel twin-screw extruder for PET recycling pelletizing line adopts modular principle design, its aspect ratio、barrel structure、mesh changing、granulation form and automatic control mode are flexibly selected according to your request.

PET recycling pelletizing line realizes the promotion for accuracy and quality of high torque transmission box with overall reliability and quality stability and successfully developed the special new type screw structure with our 59 years of experience in recycling industry.


Recycle PET bottles


PET Flakes


Final Pellets

Features of PET Recycling Pelletizing Line:

1.PET Recycling Pelletizing Line is applied in PET waste bottle or sheet recycling field.
2.Through crushing, washing and dry process, the waste bottle or sheet will become to be bottle flakes. The flakes are widely used in plastic industry, like sheet, and profile production.
3.The clean flakes can be used to produce the polyester staple fiber, PET strap band, granules, PET transparent film and sheets, etc. The top class flakes can be used to blow bottles again.
4.Plastic pelletizer machine can be designed on the basis of how dirty the flakes are, and make sure of the quality of the final products are very clean.
5.The PET recycling pelletizing line is used to wash and recycle waste materials, like PET bottles. The final clean material can be granulated immediately.

PET Recycling Pelletizing Line Technical parameters:

Model Barrel bore size(mm) Aspect ration Motor power(kw) Screw speed(rpm) Maximum torque(N.m) Capacity(kg/h)
LGPS-35 35 28-52 18.5-37 300-600 2*240 30-120
LGPS-40 40.4 28-56 22-45 300-600 2*280 80-200
LGPS-50 50.4 28-56 37-55 300-600 2*1100 100-400
LGPS-60 60.4 28-56 45-75 300-600 2*1460 200-500
LGPS-65A 63 28-56 55-90 300-600 2*1600 250-600
LGPS-75 73 28-56 90-160 300-600 2*2500 500-1000
LGPS-95 93 32-48 280-400 300-600 2*4600 1200-1800
LGPS-120 120 32-48 400-550 300-500 2*7640 1500-2500
LGPS-133 133 32-48 400-800 300-500 2*10600 1800-3500
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