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Plastic Granulating Line Maintenance Work is Very Important

Some enterprises manufacturers of plastic granulating line does not pay attention to the maintenance and operation of workers before the training,resulting in the operation of the equipment in the process of some large and small problems affecting production. The regular maintenance and maintenance of the granulating line is very important. The proper operation and regular maintenance of the equipment can prolong the service life of the equipment for three to five years.
1.Long-term maintenance of the machine’s cleaning work;long downtime, the plastic granulator must have anti-rust,anti-pollution measures.
2.Put the raw materials into the gate,do not allow any metal and other impurities mixed in the material into the machine mixing and extrusion.So as not to damage the machine clamor.The machine should be closed when the production is not hopper,so as not to debris into the screw work area.


3.The main gear reducer and feed device reducer should regularly check the cleanliness of the internal oil, the new machine to run 50 hours to replace a lubricating oil,if found after the normal production of oil pollution should be replaced.
4.When the unit is running,it needs to lubricate the lubricated transmission parts.
5.Work in case of special circumstances require a longer period of downtime (such as power outages) should be cleaned up in the machine more than expected to prevent polymer cooling after curing difficult to remove, affecting the next production.
6.Regular cleaning of the unit at the interface of the cooling water fouling (some water impurities are more likely to fouling) in order to avoid congestion caused by cooling effect of poor or affect the temperature control accuracy.
7.Electrical control cabinet should be cleaned once a month to avoid short circuit fault.

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