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Plastic Granulator Inverter Extruder

Plastic granulator Inverter Extrusion machine According to the direction of the head flow and the angle of the screw center line, the machine head is divided into bevel head (angle 120o) and right angle head. The head of the nose is fixed with bolts on the fuselage, the die inside the mold has a core sitting, and fixed with a nut in the nose into the line port, the front of the core seat with a core, core and core Of the center of the hole, for the core; in the front of the nose with a pressure ring, used to balance the pressure.

plastic granulator

The extruded part is composed of the mold sleeve and the mold sleeve, and the position of the mold sleeve can be adjusted by the bolt through the support to adjust the relative position of the mold sleeve to the mold core, so as to adjust the uniformity of the thickness of the extruded layer. The head is equipped with heating device and temperature measuring device

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