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PP Granulating Line


PP Granulating Line Introduction:

PP Granulating Line is mainly used for PP, PE compounding, filling, reinforcing, granulating and modification of plastic granules. The granules made by strand granulating line is uniformity and compact. The downstream has air transferring unit, vibrating and separating system, or underwater strip-drawing and cutting system. PP granulating Machine features high efficiency and high automatization. Lianguan Recycling Machinery is high quality professional manufacturer in China. Lianguan Recycling company is specialized in providing you with PP granulating line. The quality of the granulator is reliable and the performance is stable.

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PP Granulating Machine Details Photo

PP Granulating Line Feature:
1. Freely assembling the screw component, according to the raw materials.
2. Using the suitable die head to palletizing, such as strand cutting, water-ring cutting, under-water cutting and hot face cutting.
3.This series plastic recycling machine have high effectively exhausting, filter, screen changer.High efficiency and high performance.
4.Material is cut, pre-dried, pre-heated, pre-homogenized and compacted in the Compactor/shredding drum.
5.Many materials can be precessed directly without need of the upstream pre-shredding, resulting in a dramatic reduction in operaional costs.
6.Material is cut,pre-dried,pre-homogenized and compacted in the shredding drum.
7.Less power consumption cost per kilogram, high output, reduced floor space occupation,
8.The PP granulating line units consume less energy with high degree of automation such as automatic weighing and packingeasy to operate.

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PP Film Granulating Equipment Composition:

The whole film/fiber granulating machine contains belt conveyer-compactor-extruder-hydraulic screen changer-die head-granulating system(water-ring granulating system,pull strips granulating system)-the downstream equipments depend on the deail material-vibration-air transmission-silo storage.

PP Granulating Line Video

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