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PP Sheet Stock Granulator
  • pp-granulating-line
    PP Granulating Line

    PP Granulating Line Introduction: PP Granulating Line is mainly used for PP, PE compounding, filling, reinforcing, granulating and modification of plastic granules. The granules made by strand granulating line is uniformity and compa……

  • PP Water-ring Cutting Pelletizing Units

    According to characteristics of film, which has big volume, different thickness and is not easy to feed etc, in order to saving energy and improving the degree of automation, our company introduce and adopted the advanced foreign tech……

  • pp-strand-granulating-line
    PP Strand Granulating Line

    PP Strand Granulating Line Feature: 1. Freely assembling the screw component, according to the raw materials. 2. Using the suitable die head to palletizing, such as strand cutting, water-ring cutting, under-water cutting and hot face ……