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PP PE Noodle Pelletizer

According to the processing material system and process formula requirements of its aspect ratio, barrel structure, screw arrangement, for network structure, the number and location of exhaust, feeding methods, electrical control, etc., can be optimized and rational configuration. To achieve multi-functional, multi-purpose to adapt to the processing of polymer materials. The new type of deceleration distribution transmission system, high torque design, high precision gear processing, the main bearing imported parts, plastic pelletizer reasonable immersion lubrication combined with key parts of the mandatory lubrication device, and chain protection device to ensure reliable and stable operation of the host. Full use of limited space to design the latest involute spline form of structural core, to ensure maximum load capacity, to achieve high torque transmission. The computer-aided design of the threaded components for the conjugate conjugate type. With excellent self-cleaning function, good interchangeability, the specifications are transport block, mixing block, kneading block, countercurrent block and tooth plate, etc., through appropriate reasonable combination, to achieve the transport of materials. Plasticizing, cutting, dispersing, homogenizing, exhaust, pressure, etc., to achieve the process of polymer materials processing

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