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Small Plastic Granulator


Small Plastic Granulator Description:
Lianguan Recycling Machinery provides small plastic granulator is suitable for many kinds of plastic waste materials recycling and making pellets, such as PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE Film and clean woven/non-woven bag materials, etc. The film can be pressed in compressor and then be pelleted.


Small Plastic Granulating Line Process:
Feeding materials onto the Belt Conveyor materials being pre-heated, cut and compacted in the Cutter Compactor /Agglomerating machine being squeezed evenly in the Extruder coming out from the machine head after venting and filtering system Hydraulic screen changer being cut by Water ring pelletizing sytem being dried by Dewatering system being trasnferred into the Silo the End.


Small Plastic Granulator Raw Material


Small Plastic Granulator Final Pellets

Small Plastic Granulator Features:
1. The main motor, small plastic granulator and tractor operators using variable frequency control system, easy to adjust, reliable to run, stable, low energy consumption.
2. The screw of extruder with special design, better effective plasticization of raw materials, stable production.
3. Small plastic granulator with high efficient, easy in installation and maintain.
4. Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts,electric parts and operation parts.
5. Running in of high automatization and intellectualization, no pollution.
6. Support with professional technical persons and one year warranty.

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