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waste plastic granulator
  • double-stage-pe-pp-flake-strand-granulation-line
    A New Type of Recycled Plastic Granulator: “Golden Phoenix” in Plastic Woven Bags.

    With the progress of science and technology and the developed machinery industry, the new type of waste woven bag regenerative granulator has the characteristics of automation, fine quality, high quality, high yield, energy saving, enviro……

  • plastic-granulator
    Environmental Waste Plastics Granulator for Revitating Waste Plastics

    People in the industry know that plastic pelletizer can develop renewable resources vigorously, so that plastics can turn waste into treasure. The energy conservation of environmental protection waste plastics granulator can be divided in……

  • plastic-granulator-factory
    How to Choose A High Quality Plastic Granulator Factory Manufacturer?

    With the continuous attention of the state to the circular economy, the plastic recycling industry can be said that the 21st century sunrise industry. Now, more and more plastic granulator factory manufacturers. But for those who have jus……

  • Plastic Recycling Granulating Equipment

    Plastic Recycling Granulating Equipment Description: This Plastic Recycling Granulating Equipment consists of mixer, spring feeding machine, conical twin screw extruder, die head, granulating machine, 2-stage air conveying device, sto……

  • Market Analysis: Recent Progress in PE Plastic Granulator

    With the advancement of the catalyst technology, there has been a technique for producing spherical PE resins directly from the polymerization vessel without further granulation. Direct production without granulation resin, not only can s……

  • How does waste film handle?

    How does waste film handle? Film is a common product of agricultural production and industrial production. It is common in the production process to discard discarded thin film, which not only affects the environment, but also pollutes th……

  • plastic granulator
    Two Advantages of Plastic Recycling Granulator

    1, soft plastic, hard plastic can be recycled, which fundamentally solve a lot of plastic recycling manufacturers a major problem, the current industry, soft plastic and hard plastic recycling must use two production lines, which not only……

  • Interpretation and Development of Plastic Granulator Import and Export in March 2013-2017

    1, plastic granulator import data analysis: From the import volume point of view, economic research consulting data show that in January-March 2017 China's plastic granulator imports amounted to 89 units, compared with the same period la……

  • Recycled plastic granulator industry “vitality” unlimited

    With the rapid development of science and technology, plastic products everywhere, small recycled plastic granulator has been widely used in various sectors of the national economy and people living in various fields. Therefore, the plast……

  • Three Stage Special Granulating System
    Three Stage Special Granulating System

    Three stage special granulating system for pelleting kinds of special waste materials especially filtering three stages.such as ABS nickel filters. The capacity is from 100-600kg/h. It can made according to the customers’ requirements.