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What Kinds of Plastic Granulators are Needed in the Future?

At present,the global plastic chemical raw materials market prices continue to rise, but market demand is still strong. At the same time, with the increasingly severe white pollution prevention and control situation, the market prospects of recycled plastic granulators are consistently optimistic. In recent years, the plastic machinery industry has developed rapidly, and China is also vigorously supervising the development and transformation of the plastic machine industry. With the acceleration of the globalization process, the concept of plastic granulation design and production has undergone major changes again. A full-service three-dimensional, systematic service plan has been introduced, which has brought development opportunities to plastic granulator enterprises, and is also a manufacturer of plastic products. Created better production conditions.

First of all, diversified production and multi-functional production are the main production modes of recycled plastic granulators to meet consumer demand. Modern consumers pursue the richness of food taste, and the production of recycled plastic granulators tends to be multi-variety and small batch. Correspondingly, the diversified packaging machine with multiple switching functions can adapt to a variety of packaging materials and mold replacement to meet the needs of the market.

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Secondly, the intelligent control system conforms to the production demand and is the development trend of recycled plastic granulator. In order to make the packaging granulator have good flexibility and flexibility, and to improve the degree of automation, it is necessary to use a large number of microcomputer technology, module technology and unit combination.For example, some of them are suitable for the production of multi-station bag vacuum packaging machine, which can integrate various functions such as bag making, weighing, filling, vacuuming and sealing, which is convenient and quick, and the production efficiency is greatly improved.

Of course, in order to meet the requirements of delivery time and reduce the cost of process circulation, the future recycled plastic granulator not only requires high-speed production, but also requires special plastic products to be connected with recycled plastic granulator and production granulator. At the same time, in addition to the need to increase the speed, the plastic granulator needs to work continuously or in multiple positions. In addition, the scrap rate and failure rate must be reduced to ensure normal productivity.

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